29 January 2013

In Love

"I don't know where we are," he said as he peered through the windscreen. The road ahead seemed straight and smooth and disappeared into the distance with nary a bend.

"The sign back there said Love," she told him.

Had there been a sign? He couldn't recall having seen one, and he wasn't entirely inclined to take her word for it.

"Anyway, I've been here before," she went on. "It's nice."

He glanced this way and that, but nothing looked familiar. Seemed more like the kind of place you passed through on the way to somewhere else. "Is there anywhere to stop?"

"Lots of places," she said.

"Road just seems to go on," he insisted. "No place to turn around or . . ."

"Turn around? Why would you want to?"

"I'm pretty sure I've never come this way," he said after a few more minutes of driving. "Must be a flyby or something I took last time. This is all new."

She sighed and settled back in her seat. "Just go slow and let me enjoy the view."


I might try expanding this somehow to make it into a 10-minute play.

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Clare said...

What a great analogy for love. Fantastic piece. :D