24 January 2013


He goes to bed wanting. He wakes up wanting. He spends his days wanting, except when he is able to distract himself with work or other people.

He is hungry, and though he has no lack of choices the one thing he craves is not on any available menu. He has tried satisfying himself with alternatives, but they do not suffice. And so he begins to think he may need to go—travel—to get the one thing he really desires.

He can be bold when necessary. Inside him lies the heart of a lion, though he is sometimes reluctant to roar. But now he is tired of spending his nights dreaming, only to wake hollow and unfulfilled.

And so, on a morning when he is expected elsewhere, he calls for a car to the airport instead. It will be hours before they miss him, hours more before they figure out where he's gone. And, with luck, by then he will be sated.

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