06 February 2013

A Song?

I found this among some old writings . . . I get the sense it maybe was meant to be a song. In any case, I'm definitely no poet. But there's something about this I like, something that resonates. So I'm sucking it up, being brave, and sharing it.


I'm looking for someone I should
know in a crowd, but it's no good
it's too dense
it's nonsense they tell me
I know I'm not crazy
but with so many
I have to wonder
if this feeling I'm under
if I've misunderstood
could it be that this lifetime
just isn't the right time
but I don't want to wait
I'm so sick of Fate
waltzing around us
we're cosmic chess
pieces on a board
who's keeping score
there's no reason or rhyme
I want to see you
I keep looking for your eyes
I want you to realize
we belong
but where are you?
I sense you drawing near
already here, maybe
or I could be wrong
I don't want to be wrong
I can't concentrate on anything
my days have turned into a string
of events that don't relate
I just sit here and wait
for the phone to ring
I keep thinking you'll call
out of nowhere at all 
my friends
they've given up on me
they're blind
to what only I can see
I feel
you coming close to being real
tell me you're real

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