07 February 2013

. . . and His Sister

The natural extension of the previous post.


The thing about Durandios was—besides the jeans and the sweatshirts and the not wanting to live in the Realms—he couldn't kill anyone. Godly wrath? Certainly. And he could take away life, but he couldn't cause death.

This was because Death was his twin sister.

Durandios, you see, was Life Incarnate.

This caused an interesting negative space in the world that could be a bit problematic. To be sure, Durandios was careful to limit his punishments on the populace so that only a few suffered the strange fate of being, well, "undead." But even just a few of these creatures wandering the earth could cause trouble, as anyone who's ever encountered one might attest.

It would have been simpler if Durandios and his sister Telamenos were on speaking terms. Then he might just call her up and have her haul offenders away. But it wasn't so easy as all that. First of all, there had been that cage—which Durandios had tried to explain hadn't been his idea at all, but was Tithendion's doing, but Telamenos had wanted none of it. She'd gone off in a huff and spent a good deal of time sulking and gathering an army of Ninatat. To what purpose, Durandios wasn't sure, although he had the nagging feeling that his sister was up to no good.

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Christine Rains said...

Great two pieces. I'm rooting for Telamenos.