07 May 2013

A Visitor at the Office

HER: Can I help you?

HIM: What is that?

HER: A cauldron.

HIM: You do magic?

HER: Can I help you?

HIM: The candles, too . . .

HER: Are you here for a reason?

HIM: Do you know who I am?

HER: Should I?

HIM: That doesn't really answer the (looking around) . . . No crystal ball, though.

HER: Why are you here?

HIM: I was hoping you could tell me.

Long pause.

HER: Do you know who I am?

HIM: Not exactly.

HER: Then how did you find me?

HIM: No crystal ball for me, either. (beat) You have a lot of books.

HER: Well, it's been lovely. Since you found your way in, I'm sure you can—

HIM: No. No, wait. I see things.

HER: What, like in your sleep?

HIM: Sometimes.

HER: Those are called dreams.

HIM: But I see you. And then it took me a while to put all the pieces together, but . . .

He turns a palm up as if to say: ta-da!

She mimics the gesture.

HER: And?

HIM: Here I am.

HER: Here you are. (beat) Can I help you?

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