03 December 2013

A Bit More St. Peter Ascends Tease

Years later Trevor Tillholm would tell people he was the one to affect the succession, but Ken Gamby was there and his story was somewhat different. Gamby's account stated Tillholm was on the brink of putting his own name forward when Gamby himself cut in with, "Peter Stoller is the natural choice, I would think," earning him a furious glare from Tillholm down the table.

But even before Tillholm could begin to break apart this new wall—and it was clear enough from his agitation he intended to—a Ministry man named Tarlington said, "Peter Stoller? I went to school with someone by that name," and Tillholm shut up as the wind began to change direction.

Agency legend holds Gamby took over from there, smoothly stepping into the gap left by Tillholm's gaping. "Really? Did you know he was one of ours?" And when Tarlington said he had not, Gamby offered Peter's number in case they should like to catch up. It never occurred to Gamby, or so he ever after professed, that Peter might not want any part of such a transaction.


Liz Blocker said...

I like this as much as the last one - a lot - and once again want to read MORE, please.

M said...

Thanks! I'm really excited about writing this one and hope to have the whole thing done early to mid next year. In the meantime, you can enter to win copies of the first two novellas over on PepperWords or spooklights.