28 January 2014

Lalem d'Durandios (Prayer to Durandios)

As an undergrad I had the marvelous opportunity to study under Dr. Douglass S. Parker. I could tell many great stories about him; he took me under his wing and was a supremely lovely man. After I graduated, he would sometimes e-mail and ask how my writing was going and generally encourage me not to give up. I do hope one day to finish (rewrite, really) the work I began while taking Dr. Parker's Parageography class. In the meantime, here is a prayer to Durandios I wrote. I present it first in AElitian and then in English:

Aiae, Durandios! bran adrava bak netka palva noye edma bran kanadrava bak d'senit ninoyt farna, seni'adra, kardi. Adra Tithendion, bran senitpette bela, ninoyte kavet bak lalemt marna ninoyt ba'adra marn'noy. Adrava ninoyt bak ninoyte mahtit bak venakht mar ninoyt kanal bak ninoyt noyadra ninoyte lalemt bak laba'adrat.

O, Durandios! who brings life and battles endlessly your sister who takes life and the things we work for, grant us this, another day. Take before Tithendion, who sets all things in their places, our thanks and supplications that He might bless us through You. Give us life and also to our flocks and crops that we may not want and will in turn give You our prayers and offerings.

There's more, in AElitian writing, but I don't have that as a functioning font . . . Though Doc Parker often suggested I get it made into one. Maybe some day. My graduate thesis was a middle-grade novel based partly on this world—AElit—that I created as part of Dr. Parker's curriculum. That is what I do hope to rewrite and polish at some point. Dr. Parker's creation of High Thefaerie was far more detailed and impressive. I still have all his notes on it somewhere . . . As I continue to muck out my desk, maybe I'll find them . . .

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