24 January 2014

The Spiritual State

Not sure when I wrote this; I found the page stuffed in with a myriad of other items and notebooks from various time periods, and there is no date on it. Nothing fantastic here—as I've noted before, I'm no poet. But there's something in the sentiment here that speaks to me today.

this snowflake
that gleams inside me,
unique and bright—
you come to me and say
Your snowflake is like mine
and I shake my head,
knowing that is not
the nature of snowflakes

in this Temple it is easy
to say we carry the same cross,
wear the same star,
share the same candle,
but I know
this candle is mine
and I alone will decide
when to light it
and when
to blow it out

I pulled a rune this morning—not something I typically do, but I felt moved to do it—and extracted Raido from the bag. I'm not very well versed in runes, so I looked in my book and found this under the entry for Raido: "Stand apart even from like-minded others; the notion of strength in numbers does not apply at such a time, for this part of the journey—the soul's journey—cannot be shared." (Blum, The Book of Runes)

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