21 April 2014

Jurassic Park

When the film came out in 1993, I condensed it to poem form. (Forgive me; I was young.)

"This park you simply must see!"
Hammond told Grant and Ellie
And convinced them with his plea
Insisting it was "right up their alley."
(Of course the money was the key.)

The lawyer, the kids, and the mathematician
Surely an interesting position
Never suspecting the park's condition
Was soon to make a huge transition
(Although Malcolm did warn of Hammond's ambition.)

Malcolm—who only wears black and grey—
Said, "Life will always find a way."
A theory proved during their stay
Such a deadly game to play
As they become the dinos' prey.

For from dilos to rexes, a raptor or two
There's plenty here to see and do
But while everyone enjoys the view
The power goes out; now trouble's a-brew
Dinos are loose and chances are few.

It seems that through Nedry's greed
The dinos are suddenly freed
(The plot now picks up speed)
As Grant and the kids find themselves treed
Things are getting worse indeed . . .

Malcolm's hurt, Gennaro's dead
Everything's as Malcolm said
Grant finds the dinosaurs have bred
A thought mixed by wonder and dread—
These are dangerous waters to tread.

Hammond's had Arnold throw the switch
Hoping to fix the computer glitch
It worked, but with just one hitch
The "on" button is in a little niche
Past the raptors they must get.

Muldoon, it seems, was a bit too slow
Ellie got the power on, though
As Grant arrives with kids in tow
He leaves Lex to watch her bro
To look for the others, Grant does go.

The raptors have found their way inside
One has already been freeze-dried
As the quartet goes upstairs to hide
In the control room by "Her" they're spied
And she wants that door open wide.

Security, meanwhile, is still not back
They're still very much in the black
Good thing Lex has the knack
And can do a good computer hack
Before the raptor has a snack.

The beast breaks in without delay
But our heroes get away
Keeping the animal at bay
It looks like they may be okay
Until another raptor joins the fray.

Now this looks like the grisly end
The foursome for themselves must fend
And it seems their death does pend
Until some help the rex does lend
As the attacking raptor it does rend.

Hammond and Malcolm wait outside
Into the jeep our heroes slide
Towards the 'copter and safety they ride
And Hammond is forced to swallow his pride
As into the sunset the survivors glide.

Now to these words you must hark:
A place that's bound to make its mark
With more than just a little spark
Welcome to Jurassic Park . . .
(But don't go out there after dark.)

Seriously. Really, really young. Sorry.

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This is the best thing ever.