28 May 2014


to the Requiem.
Would you care to sit
On the left
Or the right?
This is the panegyric,
N'est-ce pas?
And then the reception
at the mausoleum.
You will be attending,
I assume?
Then I shall save you a seat;
You can eat
next to Rey and Dawn.
(They were in the fire
of 1863 and may
Bore you with their stories.)
Or perhaps you would rather
Dine with Cousin James, although
you may find his company
somewhat funereal.
(His fall from grace
upset him greatly.)
I suggest you take tea
at Davida’s table. (She
is not cheerful but
her scones make up for it.)
What’s that? Oh, you
won’t be able to stay
for tea, you say?
Well, give my best
to the firmament.

I wrote this as an undergrad for a poetry class. My teacher liked it. She wrote, "Wherever you went to find this, go back for more!" Thing is, my best work I can only ever vaguely remember writing. This poem was written while sitting on the floor of my best friend's bedroom. I was just scribbling in a notebook. As a student I had always liked poems like "My Last Duchess" and "Richard Cory" so this may have been pulled from those influences.

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