18 August 2014

Dinner with the Dream King

Last night I sat down to dinner with the Dream King and others. There were seven at the table, including myself. I sat at Morpheus' left.

We talked of matters and anti-matters. We talked about how man only moves fast out of fear, which is why it only took God six days to create the world. Because He was so desperate to fill the void. The problem being that for every tiny bit of matter in the universe—every atom, every quark—there is necessarily an equal amount of antimatter, a tiny hole. Nature does not abhor a vacuum; it abhors a lack of symmetry, of balance. And so the faster and more God created, the bigger the holes in the universe became.

We talked about how having too much of something defines a person, so that it is best to never have very much of anything, and that true balance comes from being utterly overlooked by the world. For if a man has a lot of money, he becomes defined by that, and people are always wondering what he is doing with it. Does he keep it? Give it away? And if a person has a lot of talent, they become defined by that, and are only known for what they do with it (acting roles, books they write), never known as a whole person.

I do not recall what was served. I think I ate a salad. The raven took my cherry tomatoes.

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