16 October 2014


You gave me Gummy Worms. Extra long ones, each in its own little black paper bag. Upscale Gummy Worms, I guess, but I pretended not to know what they were.

And on my right, Mark kept talking about Toby. He meant Jones, but for some reason kept calling him Toby Uby.

Were you worried I would continue to ignore you? Were you surprised when I hugged you instead? I was surprised by your tweed shorts.

And there were 3D glasses on the cinema seats. One had to lean forward to use them, and I wasn't sure the movie was worth the effort. But Mark insisted it was Toby's best work in ages, so . . .

It was a long movie. There was an intermission. And some girls tried to take your seat when you left, but I shooed them away.

See there? I'm holding the fort for you. I've got your back.

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