10 November 2014

Threads of Fate

People talk about the thread of one's life, and they speak of it as a singular thing. Cut the thread and the life is over. But that is not how it works. No one thread floats in solitary space. Each is touched many times over by other threads, other lives, that weave around it. "The tapestry," some say, but they seem to think one's tapestry is only ever theirs. It is not. There is one tapestry and each individual is a thread in it.

If one could go all the way back to Adam and Eve (and Lilith, if you like), one would see those threads braided together, slowly expanded by the additions of children and children's children. This is an example, of course. Whether you believe in Adam and Eve is irrelevant. You only need to understand how we all came to be here by extension. How we all are touched, how others weave in and out and around us.

Nature brought my threads together: Scottish witches on one side, Voodoo women on the other. This is me dipping in and out of the big picture as a silver thread dips in and out of fabric. And I've seen lives come together and apart, and I've even seen lives extended by weaving them onto another's. Some say you shouldn't but, with difficulty, it can be done.

"No man is an island," is the popular saying. But the illustration of threads makes more sense to me. A person might choose to isolate themselves, become a hermit, a frayed end. But there will always be that connection that shows where the thread originated. One can always trace it back.

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