28 December 2014

Cabinet of the Moon

And here is the cabinet where I keep the moon. Under glass, of course, because it is a fragile thing. There is a peacock feather in there as well, to keep the moon company, but the moon takes up most of the space.

Let's get this straight once and for all:
is that a face up there or is it a rabbit

It's just a moon. Flecked with gold, it hides behind my books or eclipses them depending on its phase.

His sister saw Shakespeare in the moon

Shakespeare is the top shelf. The moon covers almost half his works. The peacock feather covers the rest.

Swear not by the moon

I wasn't planning to. I keep my old missal in there, so I try not to swear when the cabinet is open. Edward Gorey stands beside the moon, too, and all Sherlock Holmes' work is done by moonlight. At least in that cabinet.

And in the bottom is Dream and his family. He cannot reach the moon from where he is, which I find amusing.

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