20 July 2015

Heart Problems

They say that Hell is separation from God, and that God is Love. Therefore Hell is separation from Love. This is simple logic, the kind they teach children in school. It is the mathematics of emotion and philosophy. We hate to think our feelings could be made so uncomplicated—to us they are complicated; only an outsider can pull them apart and arrange them in stark equations. As if hearts were problems to be solved.

Well, maybe they are.

If Hell is separation from Love, then Hell on Earth is possible, even common. Many, if not the majority of people go without the Love they need or desire. They fill their lives with other things and call it equal, but the equations don't balance. When Ma'at weighs your life and your heart, all those things you filled it with—the cars and houses and clothes—will sink the scales and Ammit will have her dinner. Or Saint Peter will look at your luggage and shake his head. No room at the inn. Should have considered downsizing prior to your move off the earthly plane.

When we allow hatred to guide us, we separate ourselves from Love and create Hell on Earth. When we plug other coefficients into the equation, it fails and remains unresolved. It is such a simple thing, from the outside. But when you are the X or the Y or the Z, it looks and feels very different. You want very much to solve yourself but seem incapable of doing your own math. So you sit, static, and hope someone will come along and know the solution.

I've given it to you now.

It's true that no one can solve you but you. Still, it helps if someone explains how to work the problem. This is the problem: separation from Love. Here is the solution: be Love and be loving. They say God is in us, which means Love is in us. Pull it out of the back of whatever drawer it's been stuffed into, iron it out, and plug it into the equation.

X = X = X

Hell is separation from God, separation from Love, and separation from our best selves.

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