26 December 2015

Courage & Opportunity

What wouldn't I do if these two could always walk hand in hand?

Alas, I find that whenever I have one, I am without the other.

I say to myself, "I would do . . . I will!" only to discover there is no occasion for me to act on my determination.

And when that chance arises, my certainty has fled.

I am like a bird, throwing itself against the bars of its cage. Yet when the door is open I remain frozen on my perch.

If only I could capture and carry my courage, to have it whenever it is wanted. To be able to take it out whenever opportunity rears up unexpectedly.

But this is not the way of my heart. It is a sieve, with fortitude slipping through like sand.

One day, perhaps, I will have a full load of bravery just at the moment the door or window opens.

It is, as they say, all in the timing.

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